Delegations, Participants

  • I am a Scout leader and would like to attend the Youth Forum and the Conference. How can I apply?

Delegates and observers are appointed by their National Scout Organizations. Please contact your national headquarters for information about vacancies in your delegation.

  • I will turn 18 this September. Can I participate at the Youth Forum?

Unfortunately not. Only those born on or between the dates of 4 August 1988 and 4 August 1996 are eligible to participate at the 12th World Scout Youth Forum.

  • How many members are allowed in each delegation?

At the Youth Forum, each delegation may consist of up to 2 delegates and 3 observers.

At the Conference, each delegation may consist of up to 6 delegates and unlimited number of observers.


  • How can I register for the Youth Forum and the Conference? When are the deadlines?

Registrations are made through an online registration system. Each NSO received a form for the appointment of the contact person. The form should be returned to the World Scout Bureau by no later than 15 March 2014.

Upon receipt of the form, World Scout Bureau will grant access to the online registration system.

The deadline for registration is 15 May 2014.


  • What are the participation fees to attend the Youth Forum and the Conference?

The fees are as follows:


  • I would like to confirm the fee category for my NSO. How can I do that?

NSOs may confirm their fee category by contacting the World Scout Bureau.

  •  I will turn 26 this June. Am I entitled to the reduced “<26” fee for the Conference?

Unfortunately not. Only those born on or between the dates of 4 August 1988 and 4 August 1996 are entitled to the reduced “<26” fee for the Conference.

  • My NSO does not have the financial resources to send a delegation to the two events. Can you help us with a solidarity operation?

Unfortunately not. The Host Committee does not have a solidarity operation in place. Please contact your regional office for information about possible financial assistance.

Travel arrangements

  • Do I need a visa to enter Slovenia? Where do I get an invitation letter?

Participants should consult their foreign affairs service or Slovenian representations abroad. Do not leave visa applications until the last moment as they may take some time. All those requiring an invitation letter or other assistance should contact visa@wsc2014.si. 

  • When are the designated arrival and departure dates?

Forum arrivals: Sunday, 3 August

Forum departures (for those who will not attend the Conference): Friday, 8 August

Conference arrivals: Saturday, 9 August and Sunday, 10 August (some preparatory sessions and side events are planned for Sunday afternoon)

Conference departures: Saturday, 16 August and Sunday, 17 August

  • How do we get from the airport to the venue? How much will it cost?

On the designated days, participants will be welcomed by local Scouts at Ljubljana International Airport and other nearby airports (depending on the information provided in the registration system).

Transfer from/to Ljubljana International Airport will be free of charge as part of the fee package. Low cost transfers, from 15-25 EUR depending on how far in advance the booking is made, can be arranged upon request for other airports nearby. Contact us at transfer@wsc2014.si for further information.


  • Where can I find the offers and book my accommodation?

Information about the official conference hotels can be found here. Booking will be made through the online registration system. Hotel reservations will be done upon receipt of the fee payment confirmation.

  • Which hotel will the World Scout Committee Members and the World Scout Bureau Staff be staying at?

The Committee Members and Staff will stay at Hotel Slon.


  • When will the opening and closing ceremonies take place?

Similar to the previous events, opening ceremonies will take place in the evenings of the first day of the Youth Forum and the Conference (Monday, 4 August and Monday, 11 August, respectively). Closing ceremonies will take place in the evenings of the last day of the Youth Forum and the Conference (Thursday, 7 August and Friday, 15 August, respectively).

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