16. 08. | Mi smo Taborniki.

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije


Today we finally voted on the 3 year plan. The voting was the longest torture of all time. Though with my WSYF buddies constantly on messenger talking about the next amendments and explaining each one made it a lot easier. 🙂

This will be one of the most memorable events in my life and definitely never forgetting you guys (same thing I guess)

Scouting isn’t just about running around the forest making fires, building shelters and knowing how to survive… It’s also about the things we do to our planet, nations, cities, communities, neighbours… People around us. We train the next generation leaders. We are what we are and will never stop. For scouting can change lives. Not only within scouting but also around the world. Our vision is that until 2023 there will be 100 million of us. Imagine 100 million people taking care of our planet.. the little speck in this space. The very planet – as humanity – we destroyed… It’s in our sinning nature. But in scouting we can make a difference. On this conference the ambition for scouting has increased in each and every one of us. Fired up and ready for challenges ahead of us. We are not afraid of the future despite the world has many war zones.
Scouts are here and so are you. Make a difference.

GOPR3697 GOPR3801 GOPR3838 GOPR3816 GOPR3808 GOPR3806

If God wouldn’t exist, scouts would be the next best thing.

14. 08. |

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije

MBP procedure.  But I found Michael!
Ugh… I thought it was better

Though today was the exciting bit.. We were about to know who the next host for the WSYF & WSC will be… With 5andsomething votes for Azerbaijan and 2andsomething for Malaysia the Azerbaijan delegation  took it away in screams of joy.
GOPR3650 GOPR3649
Yeah.. pretty sick 😀

Also another selfie with the Chief Scout of Slovenia 🙂
GOPR3635He smiles too you know…. 😀 I guess he wasn’t in the mood because of those papers..

Also it is fun to hang around the convention centre and then at one point forgetting your camera and some volunteers find it 🙂
GOPR3617 GOPR3621 GOPR3633 GOPR3632 GOPR3629 GOPR3625 GOPR3623

And then the fun part. Polska dinner. :Đ
The bus was just.. whoa… and then the place they got… was more whoa… the pics will explain.GOPR3668  GOPR3676 GOPR3672 GOPR3683  GOPR3689

Stay tune for tomorrow we are voting on the next 3-year plan.


13. 08. | Just another day.

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije

Today same story.

Bus/Bike                                                 I call these 3 the MBP procedure

Coffee break
Lunch –
What happend at lunch is that I finnaly could sit down with the 4 chicks in my delegation and we had a relaxed lunch break. Laughter and conversations about random things. Perfect!
Also I’ve talked to Cintia (I hope that was the right way to spell it). I asked about the Messengers of peace project and right then and there Klemen Furlan the zero in zeros was made into the ambassador for the Slovenian Messengers of peace. Slovenia get ready. Big projects in horizon in less than 6 months by plan.. When there will be enough of us and service hours they will start with the trainings. Hopefully by the next summer the first training session will take place.

Coffee break….
….. Now a thing you have to know. I have tons of energy but these 2 months squezzed the life out of me… so at the Polish stand.. they had bean bags.. and when I sat down and closed my eyes… in those 40 minutes….. best power nap in human history. Yes I slept on my shift, sue me.
No politics – Due to my super nap powers.

And then I owe you guys another apology.

It wasn’t on val 202 but on Radio 1.

I am sorry.

Yeah so we waited on the 20.00 o clock mark.. though its weird when you sit in there and you talk to this dude not knowing that there is a potentially at least 30.000 and more people listening. Vesna thinks we did a good job.

Then I got a ride back to my place in a very comfortable seat in a nice white Škoda.

Now excuse me.. I’ll go hug my bed and won’t let go until 7 am.

13. 08. | A no selfie Blog.

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije

So today like always I crawled out of my bed like a zombie to the shower. After a casual breakfast I took the bus because the weather report was… special. So the closer I got to the convention centre the more scouts would flood it. As I walked through more and more people said hi. It is really cool when you know more people every day.. though it sucks when you only know them by face and you barely remember their name. (Though I am working on that and I’m doing better.)

today’s discussions I took part in were about the
-21st century leadership
-Duty to God
-Global support

They were very interesting and especially on the Duty to God where the room was crowded and some of us sat on the floor. This debate in my opinion will never get solved… It will look like it’s getting there but I think more and more boxes will open and more problems we would have.

After lunch the elections for the next trianium world scout committee took place. After the voting procedure the world scout youth forum participants had a meeting on finishing up the amendments and a resolution (I think?). Before we started I had the chance to watch my Slovene delegation wave and mess around on the live stream for the scout conference. (Super ste bile ;D)

After that I raced of for dinner. 5 minutes before dinner our lovely Nina tells me I’m performing at the talent show tonight. And the very next second our lovely Lucija tells me I have to be at our international stand. (In result I missed dinner)
So at the talent show everybody did an excellent job. Ciara I’d love a recording of that song! the original can go sit in a corner. 🙂 Azerbaijan also made a huge party as the rhythm and the base and the drums got everybody moving.
I did a small performance in gratitude to the best double+ hour working and 3- hour sleeping volunteers that are making all this possible.


Then we went for a beer. Finally some time with my SLO crew 🙂 love you guys.


12. 08. | Take it all in.

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije

So quick apology for not writing it yesterday but now I’ll write the 2 days combined.


Back to the point.:

So after the inter-event we raced to Ljubljana to catch our street game festival. The was was nice as I listened to my favourite music and faded away for what I thought was 30 minutes… Back in Ljubljana at Kongresni square. The festival was more of a ”youth-delegate-park-break-hang-out”. After that me and Nina went for lunch to the Convention centre. Just before entering the bus we witnessed a car crash. Exciting. And a splash we were at the convention centre with our favourite people. After a trillion of hugs (thank you guys they were awesome) I finally made it to the enormous.. cafeteria. After lunch we’ve met for a south-eastern Euro region and I left right after my mum would asked where I was.
lets face it.: Tired, hungry, smelly, ton of dirty clothes, gifts and missing my home… You would do the same thing. One cool thing about the cards we got (all participants in the event (staff, delegates ext.) ) a free bus pass for all buses from 3-17 th of august. So I used that to get home. After a nice shower I rolled of to the small opening ceremony at Tivoli park picture square (I guess).. Invited 2 of my friends and the whole thing turned out pretty fancy 🙂
Came home and just fainted over the bed.

6 hours later

My favourite phone woke me up with a song by my favourite band Swichfoot. Though in that second I hated everything about the phone. After and exploddingly (yes that’s a word now…) fast breakfast, shower and a bike ride I made it alive to the convention centre. floods and Floods of scouts.

From. All. Over. The. World.

At 8:45 we started with the welcome ceremony. as it was delivered in French (nobody tolled me) I realized I actually don’t know French and so I needed the translation set which I forgot to take.. very inspiring speeches indeed. (my fault). So we were instructed to go to our regional meetings.. (I went to the European). Discussing in the 2 groups I went to the human rights and Duty to God. though very issued based conversations.
After that we welcomed the 2 new members of WOSM.: Monaco and South Sudan. Congrats guys 😀
For lunch I’ve sat with a part of the Australian delegation. Chris and Jill you 2 are fun. Thanks again for that awesome conversation.
After lunch the session continued. the reports of the Three year plan that has been carried out through the last 3 years and the presentation of the new candidates for the world scout committee.
After dinner there was an opening ceremony. Good stuff I must say. Look at it this way.:

Pictures >>> words

That will make my blog a lot shorter and more welcoming for me since I really wan’t to go to bed.. Good night guys! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Though I figured out the more I go through the forum.. the more I shake….

GOPR3529 GOPR3533 GOPR3537 GOPR3540 GOPR3545 GOPR3558 GOPR3568 GOPR3579 GOPR3583 GOPR3605 GOPR3607

10. 08. | 6 % of battery life

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije

So yesterday we woke up.. Raced to breakfast and got to sit outside on the balcony of the hostel… awesome morning view and breeze. After that we walked to Piran for.: The game – Nerds and runners. My team was doing incredible.. since I was the only Slovene in the competition.. there shouldn’t even be a competition… but somehow we didn’t make the top 3… I hope not writing down 2 answers had nothing to do with it.. After that run we went for a classical grill lunch. I still own someone ice-cream. After lunch we went to a beach next to a lake… though I never saw the lake until someone grabbed my head turned it towards the lake and pointed at it… thanks Emil 😀 After a nice swim I took the best nap ever… though the fun didn’t last long as my group woke me up with a.: ”Hey we are leaving and you are the last person staying.. do you want to come with us?” With a slight delay I decided ”Why not..” as I changed and turned back around where I thought my group will be…. there was no group.. Yeah.. Go me. So I decided to get lost and started walking towards Croatia along the sea side…. With my excellent navigational skills I quickly discovered the sold gathering farms.. and they weren’t the ones next to Croatia.. Welcome to Strunjan. Great.. Now If I wanna get back I had to go over the hills.. So I asked one of the locals what is the best way to get to Portorož where our hostel is located. They said that there is a tunnel that goes straight to it. More I walked and more I asked the road was getting more lonely and narrow. The trees would also start to roll into the road. then I felt the cold breeze… and the forest would made everything look darker.. then I saw the panel that said.: ”Valeta 550m” It was the coolest tunnel experience ever. And my phone with only 6% of battery played my favourite music. The cold air blew threw and after a long walk or more like a run over the rocks and gravel I admit it felt nice. When I came out of the tunnel I came out where the casinos are. So I only had like 10-15 minutes left to the hostel. But I bumped into the staff group of 4 guys that are pretty cool 🙂 Svit, Blaž, Jan in Andraž….? x_S (Look I’m not good with names but I remember faces. And those guys are awesome!) Guys I owe you a beer if I messed up the names! I still remember his driving stories. haha :_D We came to the hostel 18:54 (6 minutes to dinner) I walked right into the cafeteria and asked if they can start 5 minutes earlier.. I got my meal and sat on the same spot as in the morning. Awesome view with another awesome sunset. Took a shower and raced down stairs as one of the staff members was rocking it on his banjo in accompany of a guitar and me on the kahone. We were the warm up for an even cooler band ‘D&D acoustic’ (correct me if I’m wrong). After the incredible concert with an open mike break in the middle we finished at 00:00. But the party kept going when we moved ourselves where the disco was at and kept on jamming. Ton of exploring, swimming, friendship and a taste of free-running I must say one of the best beach days. G0023315 G0033395 G0033399 G0033401 G0033402 G0043448 G0053458 G0073490 GOPR3296 GOPR3350 GOPR3358 GOPR3374 GOPR3379 GOPR3437 GOPR3462 GOPR3519 GOPR3523 GOPR3525 GOPR3526

09. 08. | ”Beach”

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije

So after the crazy party at Rogla we raced of to Ljubljana to pick up some stuff for the interevent. Scouts are working like crazy on the WSC which will be held at gospodarsko raztavišče. After we recieved what we needed we raced torwards Škocjanske jame. With the increadible temperatures and awesome cold brease we tolk a walk through the legendary cave.
Soon as we got out, we packed ourselfves on the bus. Bus No.1 fell asleep after learning one song. So did I..
When we arived to the Portoroš Hostle for students we were in luck with the incredible sun set… After the registration and dinner we dashed to the ”beach” where everybody expected some tropical white sand beach… But instead they recieved a concreate beach and water full of sea weed. though that didn’t stop us 🙂
All tired I decided to walk to the town. On the way there bumped into Carol from Macao. Now I know a bit more about China. 😀
As we came back I almost went straight to bed.. But something pulled me torwards the disco party.. Thought my energy suplies were on a low level… (Surprise there huh?) so I hope I’ll get some sleep

GOPR3194 GOPR3207 GOPR3211 GOPR3213 GOPR3234 GOPR3238 GOPR3255 GOPR3262 GOPR3272 GOPR3273 GOPR3280 GOPR3302 GOPR3335

08. 08. | 92 hours of pure inspiration.

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije

Today.. wasn’t just a day…

So when we woke up at 8:00.. you’d be surprised how 3 men can shower under 5 minutes and be ready in the car to go to breakfast.

The session started and it was on the intergenerational dialect. On how 2 people had an issue and it was between the modernized computer generation and the older solo-play (in that case) generation. Personally I think the older adults have a ton of experience we can learn from. Anyways, cheesy but much needed reminder. After we have discussed that we went to voting.
Now I’ve voted once in my life on something that It didn’t really matter but it was an official government and public issue. But voting at a forum… Is very serious.. though with a huge % of fun and heart pumping. The biggest tension came when we voted for the full membership of Palestina in WOSM. Now everybody in that room had their own opinion but when we came to voting… The heartbeat was killing me.. As it was accepted cheers filled the room. Well the rest of the voting was quite basic.. And nothing special happend.. Though some funny moments it went throught the whole day. As we voted on accepting the whole document 6 we cherfully claped as it simbolized the end of the voting session and a few minutes afterwords the end of the WSYF 2014 Slovenia. It was very cheerful… And I’ve never taken so many selfies. They named me the selfie man accoring to the interpreter Andru from belgium (I hope I got this right.. sorry man if I didn’t) which was the incredible interpreting ninja. Runing up and down the cort room as diffirent delegates expressed their opinions. So sorry dear english camp… But the WSYF has beaten your record… for my 64 GB card in the go pro has only 0.234 GB left. During the voting at the second coffee break I sliped out with Pija as we used our cards for the ”Dry sleds”.. Full speed on the turns.. I bet we had at least 3 extra Gs…. haha 😀

The group photo was also memorable as we danced and singed  (Phooooooo-photo photo photo) 😀 As the sessions ended we went to the big tend on the closing cerimony.
The Secretary General of WOSM – Scott Teare gave the inspirational speech at the closing cerimony. After that a lot of countries have shown their gratitude. (Eva I am not driving you to Ljubljana… Too much presents.)  😀 As I almost closed the closing cerimony..

I’ve realised that searching for insiration is pointless…. Isnpiration was every brother and sister,attending the WSYF, every person here volunteering, the youth advisors (that hopefully I won’t lose contact with :D) and every scout around the world that is continuing the story of self sacrifice for others, helping and fulfilling – what I bealieve – our purpose of life.

Throught the forum I’ve been inspired for many projects. I would love to organize a camp – Balkan Beat. (Or Balkan – whatever you want- ) still making up a name… Just to re-live what our parents did back in the days of Yugoslavia.. The connections they had.. I want that to be revived with our generations. And since I’m part Hercegovian (Basically Croatian. I hope the BIH girls won’t ask me for a beer after this statement.. :D)

Also the world wide scout communication and the communication between the YA (youth advisors) and the NSOs (national scout organizations) to make it stronger. More efficient. And with a lot more bigger punch. To be honest. I had no idea what’s been happening out of my NSO…. Though I’m only 18 and this is my first international experience. (And i didn’t even leave the borders… -.- :P)

Guys… I just wanna say that I am proud and in love with you guys as the one of my biggest familis.

PS.: Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday… but everything I wrote got deleted at around 1.30.. and I wasn’t going to write again.
Ps to PS and the above.: Sorry for all the spelling mistakes… Or literacy mistakes..

Thank you for everything.

With all respect and inspiration from you guys, I wish you THE BEST throught out the future which we will tackle together!

Klemen Furlan – Brother through scouting.

GOPR3096 GOPR3098 GOPR3099 GOPR3100 GOPR3101 GOPR3102 GOPR3106 GOPR3107 GOPR3110 GOPR3111 GOPR3114 GOPR3116 GOPR3117 GOPR3118 GOPR3119 GOPR3131 GOPR3132 GOPR3134 GOPR3135 GOPR3146 GOPR3152 GOPR3155

08. 08. | Oj, rim šim šim… :)

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije

Oj rim šim šim, thumb
oj rim šim šim,
draga moja kušn me,
draga moja kušn me…

Slovenian kissing game! Zabaven ve?er, ki pa je sledil zelo napornemu dnevu. Ampak najprej na za?etek.

Vsako jutro se zbudim bolj utrujena. Pa tudi bolj sre?na in vesela. Z boleznijo pomanjkanja spanja se spopadamo vsi delegati. Ampak ?e se pa toliko dogaja, da nas je strah da bomo kaj zamudili. Zato bedimo in pojemo in žuramo in se pogovarjamo. Ampak ni? hudega, sej se bomo naspali (po petnajstem avgustu 😀 ).

Današnje jutro smo s špankami nadgradile (?e vas spomnim: prvi dan smo malo dremež preklapljale, drugo jutro smo malo zaspale…). No danes smo zajtrk enostavno presko?ile 🙂 (sicer pa toliko jemo, da se bomo itak vsi zredili 😉 ).

Vsako jutro pred za?etkom uradnega planarnega dela imamo meditacijo. Današnja je bila prav posebna. Osebna in ?ustvena. Predvajali so poseben video zs preprostim naslovom “Gift” – dar. (?e si ga še niste ogledali vam ga resni?no priporo?am! Video, ki ti da misliti ).
Video je tako ?udovit in se te resni?no dotakne. Med predvajanjem si lahko slišal kakšno solzico marsikaterega delegata.

Potem pa smo za?eli sedem urno zasedanje, kjer smo sprejemali odlo?itve, ki bodo (upamo) mo?no vplivale na delovanje organizacije. Pogovori, ugovori, amandmaji, izjave, govori za, govori proti… Predvsem pa dvigovanje modrega karton?ka za glasovanje.

Najbolj se me je dotaknila to?ka, kjer smo se pogovarjali o tem, ali bi bila Palestina polnopravna ?lanica Svetovne skavtske organizacije (WOSM) s polnopravno volilno pravico. Palestina je že ?lanica WOSMa vendar nima volilne pravice.
Ko sem poslušala Badra (Palestinskega delegata), ki je govoril o tem, da se ne po?uti del naše družine bratov in sester skavtov – kot nekakšen pol brat, mi je bilo hudo. Kljub vsem vrednotam, ki so nam enake, na?elom (do sebe, drugih in duhovne resni?nosti), ki smo jih sprejeli so še vedno prisotne razlike, ki jih bomo težko odpravili. Obstaja pa vez družine in bratstva, ki nas vodi in to se je pokazalo tudi danes. Ob govorih drugih, sem trepetala. In ob glasovanju mi je srce razbijalo kot še nikoli… Stopili smo skupaj za Palestino. In ?eprav vemo, da bo na konferenci še veliko govora in godrnjanja in proti argumentov, smo mladi taborniki danes pokazali, da želimo biti slišani.

Zasedanje se je kon?alo pozno. Bili smo tako zelo la?ni, da bi lahko tudi polže za ve?erjo pojedli in nebi imeli prav ni? proti (no, francozi bi bili navdušeni 🙂 ).

Ve?er se je kon?al z zaklju?no slovesnostjo, kjer nas je nagovoril Scott Teare, generalni sekretar Svetovne organizacije skavtskega gibanja, naša Eva, glavna organizatorka  foruma in predsednik foruma Felipe.
Veliko vzklikov, veliko aplavzov, tudi daril, slovenskim tabornikom. Veliko objemov, nasmehov (morda tudi solzic).

Ve?er smo zaklju?ili s tradicionalno slovensko igro »Rim šim šim«. Ja, tista slovenska igra, kjer se veliko lup?kamo 🙂

Bil je ?udovit dan, poln emocij in inspiracije. Še en koš?ek mozaika letošnjega poletja, ki je dodan k letošnjemu poletju! 🙂1 2 3 4




07. 08. | Veliko razmišljanja…

Piše: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije

Prav vsak dan si tu na forumu re?em, diagnosis da bom šla malo prej spat. Da bom malo bolj spo?ita in ne bo potrebno kave zlivat vase. Se pa zve?er vedno vprašam zakaj bi spustila druženje in zabavo, saj je to bistvo skavtska. 🙂

Še vedno hodim pozno spat in še vedno vstajam zgodaj. Danes je bilo posebno dopoldne. Prva in zelo pomembna stvar so bile volitve kandidatov za youth advisorje. Po v?erajšnjih govorih smo imeli možnost se z vsakim pogovoriti. S Klemenom sva morala 12 glasov razdeliti med 12 kandidatov. Prvi dan sva mislila, da bo to lahka naloga (sej ni težko izbrati nekaj ljudi kajne?). Vendar sva se kmalu zavedla, da je to predvsem zelo odgovorna naloga.

Po volitvah smo za?eli hudo debato o triletnem na?rtu dela svetovne skavtske organizacije. Mala malca? Ne 🙂

Ampak, da lažje razmišljamo imamo tudi odmore. Kot sem že omenila v prejšnjih blogih ima vsaka regija možnost, da se predstavi. Danes sta imeli to možnost Evropska regija dopoldne in Interameriška regija popoldne. Kon?no smo se lahko predstavili tudi slovenci. S Klemenom sva jim ponudila slovensko ?okolado (Gorenjka valda 🙂 ), doma? bezgov sok (šabesa po doma?e) in nekaj druga?nega – vaniljev sladoled z bu?nim oljem.
Kako smešni so bili odzivi drugih, ko sem jim omenila, da je sok naredila moja mami. O?itno je ?udo, ?e v naravi nabereš cvetove in narediš sok.
Hvala mami! Odli?en je bil in zelo pohvaljen 🙂

Razglasili so tudi rezultate volitev. Veliko je bilo ploskanja in vzklikov in navdušenja. Vesela sem, da je moji dragi argentinki uspelo in bo lahko živela svoje sanje. Bravo Day! Estoy tan feliz y orgullosa de ti! 🙂
Cel dan smo se na veliko pogovarjali o tem kaj taborništvo naredi za posameznika. Kako vpliva na naše življenje. Lepo je poslušati zgodbe drugih skavtov, kaj po?nejo v svoji domovini, kako se soo?ajo s problemi.

Gotovo eden izmed ve?jih problemov (tudi pri nas) je prehod med koncem šole in zaposlitvijo. Zanimivo, kako se skavti posamezniki razli?no soo?ajo s problemi. Ko tako poslušam druge, se mi odpirajo novi pogledi, nova razmišljanja. Mladi smo tisti, ki rišemo našo prihodnost. Mi smo tisti, ki pišemo svoja poglavja. Mi smo tisti, ki bomo del prihodnosti. Zakaj nam prihodnost morajo krojiti stari in (baje, ampak samo baje) bolj pametni? Zakaj ne stopimo skupaj in naredimo nekaj boljšega za nas? Za druge? Za svet?

Popoldne sem bila del odli?ne delavnice »Life skills«. Za?eli smo z vprašanjem, ki mi je resni?no dalo misliti; Kaj je življenje?
Po premisleku sem prišla do zaklju?ka: zame je življenje igriš?e, kjer ustvarjam igro, ki bo moja. Takšna kot jo želim. Zame je življenje oder, je predstava, ki jo pišem sama. Pa naj bo komedija ali pa drama. Moje je. In vsako jutro, ko se zbudim te dni, sem hvaležna za izkušnjo, ki mi je bila ponujena. In obljubim, da bom Slovenijo in slovenske tabornike zastopala po svojih najboljših mo?eh.

🙂    IMG_139280463522766 IMG_135632699083719

IMG_134523718279412IMG_1178979896425 IMG_895795935409 IMG_499192207405